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2013: Phoenix Comicon

Year Event Panel Room Day Time Panelists
2013 Phoenix Comicon Awesomely Awful 80's North 126AB Sun 1.30pm-2.30pm Brass Bells, Hal, Jim, Heather

Awesomely Awful 80's

The 80's had a lot of awesomely awful sci-fi TV shows and movies. Remember AutoMan? Remember the movie Howard the Duck? Remember MASK? Join us as we reminisce about the really bad 80's sci-fi that, despite the awfulness, we all love so much.

What did we pick? We can't remember! Other than the titles in the panel blurb, Hal's movie pick was Galaxina and Jim's was They Live, which was rather controversial! I think someone, maybe Heather, picked Deathstalker, because I remember talking about its even more awesomely awful first sequel. Did we do Manimal as well? Maybe, maybe not.

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